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Posted by mirata on Feb 9, 2014 in SharePoint | 2 Comments

Hi all,

I’m not dead. I apologise profusely for not posting, replying etc. But there are a few reasons you don’t care about but I will go through anyway:

  • I have 2 jobs which keep me very busy
  • You would not believe the amount of spam that arrives on this site. Choosing which posts go through is an exercise of mental willpower
  • Life is awesome and you have to go outside once an a whole

But enough of that. The one thing I am definitely receiving is that my Picture Gallery Web Part has been very well received. I appreciate all your kind words. I think its about time for version 2, but before I go off and do that, I thought I would open up to community feedback. What do you want it to do?

Here is a list of my starting ideas in no particular order. Feel free to reply back and maybe I’ll get something cool going.

  • Support for fancybox 2 (http://fancyapps.com/fancybox) which is way cooler
  • Support for SharePoint 2013 renditions when displaying images
  • Conversion to a Sandboxed solution so it can be used on SharePoint Online and placed in the App Store
  • Multiple templates and render modes
  • Ability to customise the HTML it produces so it can be¬†tweaked by power users
  • Custom query and filter support – eg: Sort by date descending, show only images with Category ‘A’
  • Hosting on CodePlex so it has better visibility (and maybe I can open it up to the community for extra coding help)

That’s it for now. Thanks for the support.

Oh and did I mention I just did a CD cover for the Beatles? It was on their Facebook page and everything! Not to brag. Ok maybe I’m bragging…

  • Chief! How is this coming along? Really looking forward to the next version! :)

    I touched base with you a while ago in relation to the sorting, so really looking forward to using this new feature

  • Hi Daniel,

    I wasn’t sure of the state of your 2.0 but I wanted to provide feedback anyway.

    We have had some issues primarily related to using Folders. Such as folder names not appearing. Additionally there have been issues where content fails to display saying “There are no images to show in this folder”. Sometimes this would happen when opening a folder, other times when changing the page. That was it in terms of functional issues though.

    As for some feedback I received. One thing was relating to folders with less than 3 photos. I forget how it is handled normally but I modified it to display a company logo when there wasn’t enough photos. This… presented some issues since we have a gallery that includes logos. However whatever it did by default wasn’t satisfactory. Ideally they wanted to just show as many thumbnails for a folder as there was photos, but that had the issue where 1 photo would not look like you are clicking a folder. Perhaps a clearer differentiation between folders and images would be best, though there are plenty of options.

    There was a lot of feedback for a direct download link. While the Mirata displayed was great for showing the images, for unfamiliar SharePoint users they would not know how to go looking for the full sized image.

    There was also some feedback regarding the paging method. For one thing the “Next Page” button makes sense, but when you only see the “Previous Page” button it looks to be in a rather odd position. The “Parent Folder” also tends to be a bit confusing for some and I think the back button was primarily used. I think for the most part I’ve found no one likes to read anything. Not even 2 words. Images may end up being more effective from a functional standpoint. If possible ones that don’t disappear to ensure that they are more familiar to a user. I don’t know if that will play well with the overall concept of your tool though.

    Lastly the bar across the top that is positioned with the “Next Page” button was not an issue but it was asked about. I was working with some very design oriented people who asked about changing it. Mostly this was from the perspective of someone who already had a page layout and design firmly set. The unconventional positioning was a bit out of place as a result.

    In the end we had to use something else due to the empty folder error but otherwise it was well liked.

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