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Posted by mirata on Jul 19, 2011 in SharePoint | 7 Comments

I recently created a masterpage using advanced CSS features such as rounded borders and shadows. As many of you will know, the only Internet Explorer releases to navitely support these features without the use of tools like CSS3PIE are IE9 and the pre-release builds of IE10. Now depending on how you are using your SharePoint environment, the site will be displayed in either IE8 Mode, or IE8 Compatibility Mode even if you have IE9. This is often due to a number of factors: Compatibility View settings – by default, Intranet Sites are set to display in Compatibility Mode, so Intranet SharePoint sites [...]

Posted by mirata on Jul 19, 2011 in Download, SharePoint | 115 Comments

Download Mirata.PictureGallery.wsp (103kb) Download Mirata.PictureGallery-source.zip (422kb) Update: I have released a new version above. It incorporates a number of fixes including: Locating Picture Libraries on SharePoint installations where the language is not English. Thanks to a number of users such as Serdar Ozcan for helping me identify this. A property which allows you to disable JQuery. This is useful for people who have custom Master Pages and already register JQuery. Some style fixes During a number of my client projects, people have mentioned their lack of satisfaction with the out-of-the-box Picture Library list views. They give you basic thumbnail and [...]